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Name: R Prange
Comments: We are a long way from having to worry about the cost of wiring a pump unit at your cabin. This is just a thought that you might want to keep in mind. If we have to share a pump between two cabins, each cabin that supplies the power to the pump must have space for a 15 amp. and 20 amp. breaker. The catch is this. Finding space in an old, minimal electric panel isn't easy. You need to consider that the cost of a new panel may be your only option. If that is your only option, you need to understand one more thing. To put in a new panel, you need to disconnect your electric meter. To disconnect your electric meter, you need to notify the power company. Once your new panel is in, the PUD requires an electrical inspector to inspect/sign off on the installation. If you have installed a new panel, the electrical inspector expects the wiring that is hooked up to it fit the new codes. This could call for a complete rewiring of your cabin. Ju! st a thought that you should be aware of. Don't take the decision to power the pump too lightly. It will be an upfront cost to you.