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As concerned property owners, we have chosen to share information from an anonymous position.  We prefer to focus on giving out information not on names or personalities.




Our members belong to other lake organizations, such as the Sacheen Betterment Assoc. (SBA) or (SLA) and Save Our Sacheen (SOS).  We feel these are both good organizations but their focuses are in other directions.  Both organizations have member that are for and against the sewer project.  SBA/SLA has decided to speak for all their members and support the project.  SOS has decided to allow each member to speak for themselves and is neutral on the project.




Our focus is solely in sharing facts about the proposed lake-wide sewer project and the LID needed to pay for it.




Some SLCPO members have a fear of reprisal or retaliation from other property owners with opposing views. 


Why is the SLSWD proposing a lakewide sewer when the water at Sacheen Lake has been tested for fecal cloriform and has NOT been deemed as contaminated.  The fact is Sacheen has very high quality recreational use water - some of the best water in the state of Washington.