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According to the Sacheen Lake Sewer and Water District, there are 82 parcels eligible for the covenant process.


This is a covenant between the property owner and the District for the purpose of determining the number of sewer hook ups.


The District requires this be filed through Pend Oreille County.  This must be completed and copies sent to the District by June 30, 2012.


Those considered eligible by the District should have received a packet by now.  In it you will find a fact sheet and pages 1 and 2 of the covenant documents.  It requires an Exhibit A, which is not included and each property owner must create their own.  For your convenience, a copy of a blank Exhibit A is included for you to Print.  This copy has been used and accepted by the county.


The employees at the county office are very helpful in this process.  The cost to file the covenant is $65.00.


According to the county, this is an agreement between the property owner and the District for sewer purposes only and has no other impact upon your property.


Once completed, a copy must be sent to the District.  You may want to consider a Delivery Signature Requirement with the post office to be sure your documents were received by the necessary date.


The following two pages may be printed to help those of you that have received information from the District regarding covenanting your properties for the sole purpose of reducing the number of sewer hook up assessments. 





Generally, all the information that you need to include can be found on your tax statement you received from the Pend Oreille Tax office.





A completed Exhibit A must be included in your covenant documents and a completed cover sheet will speed up your process.