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Ware writing this  to inform you of the proceedings at Sacheen Lake in Pend Oreille County.  Over the last twenty years the Sacheen Lake Sewer and Water District has been in the process of implementing a lake wide sewer system.  All previous efforts have failed by the property owners.  Most recently, the current Sewer Board passed a resolution to impose an LID on the property owners of the lake for a municipal sewer system for a cost exceeding $10 million dollars.  Sacheen Lake is under no mandate to implement such an expensive system nor is the lake contaminated or on the State 303D list of contaminated lakes in Washington.

Under the rules of developing an LID in Washington State, the property owners within the LID boundary have the right to protest development in an appeal process.  The appeal must be registered with the Sewer District by each protester.  When property area is calculated to determine acreage within the LID, the law clearly states that "only those properties that will specially benefit from the LID will determine the total LID acreage".  Forty six plus (46+%) of the specially benefited property  objected to the development of the LID.  As a result, this Sewer District Board increased the area of the LID to include roadways, highways, State and County properties as well as community properties, all of which will not receive a sewer or specially benefit from the sewer or will contribute to the funding of the sewer system.  This action assured that the protest against the LID would fail.

Currently a law suit has been filed in Superior Court of Pend Oreille County to challenge the inappropriate
development of this LID.   Over 180 private property owners of the Sacheen Lake Sewer District have protested the development of this LID.  The total cost of the system will rest on the property owners.  No effort by the Board has been made to obtain funds or research any alternative to this multi million dollar system.

We are outraged at the actions of the Board to the extent that the annual Maintenance and Operation Levy was voted down showing no support for this Board.  Sacheen Lake property owners have the time and knowledge to properly research appropriate systems and funds.  The rush to impose such a financial burden unnecessarily on the Sacheen Lake property owners is uncalled for.  We are committed to assist the Board in developing sewer plans that are affordable and proper for the future while supporting a healthy lake environment.

Thank you for your interest in this sensitive matter.  Please do not hesitate to write with your comments. We can reached by email,